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Isaac M. Pulet
Art director

First professor of baroque violin at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Vigo, he finished his training with the highest qualifications in violin, harmony, counterpoint and acoustics at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid, tutored by the international violinist Hiro Kurosaki and at the Royal The Hague Conservatory (Holland) to Pavlo Beznosiuk and Ryo Terakado, also receiving masterclasses in historicist interpretation with teachers such as Lucy van Dael, Anton Steck, Mira Glodeanu, Margaret Foultness, or Kati Debretzeni.  


In 2020, he created the Opera Omnia School of Polyphony, in which subjects such as solmization or historical solfeggio, psalmody and modality, Renaissance counterpoint, mensural notation or historical temperaments are taught together with Isaac Alonso, professor at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Holland) and the world renowned Juan Carlos Asensio. Since these are subjects that are not offered in conservatories, this school aspires to become a center of reference.  


As a violinist, he has given concerts in Korea, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark, England, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, collaborating with the best Spanish early music groups. He has been part of the cast of PaGaGnini, a comedy show by Yllana Producciones and Ara Malikian and with whom he has just premiered a new show that combines humor and music in the same way called Maestrissimo .


In the world of theater he has collaborated with the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, with which he played Devil´s trill (Tartini) solo violin in La Estrella de Sevilla , directed by Eduardo Vasco. As a specialist in early Spanish music, he works as an adapter and musical director with several classic theater companies, carrying out intense musicological work and musical recovery in works such as the auto sacramental Año Santo en Madrid, Theatrum mundi, Darlo todo y no dar nada or Hado and divisa. 

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