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Opera Omnia is an early music ensemble that focuses its activity on the recovery of Spanish musical heritage from the Baroque and Classicism periods, avoiding interpretive clichés of German or Italian music, and highlighting the typically Spanish characteristics of the musicM. Pulet, Opera Omnia has been nominated in 2022 by REMA (European Early Music Network) for the project of recovery of musical heritage and awarded by GEMA (Association of Spanish Early Music Ensembles), with the prize for the best group of 18th century music and the prize for the best production and management for the tour of SARAO, with which they have toured a good part of the Spanish festivals, and finalists in the category of innovation project.



Despite its recent foundation, Opera Omnia has been invited to the best festivals in Spain, such as Festival Internacional de Arte Sacro de la Comunidad de Madrid,  Semanas de Música Antigua de Estella, Logroño and Álava, Festival de Música Española de Cádiz, Festival Internacional de Santander, Semana de Música Religiosa de Cuenca or Festival Bal y Gay. It is mainly on these stages where the works for the recovery of Spanish musical heritage have been made known and Opera Omnia has the honour of having premiered in modern times. 



Opera Omnia is a ensemble committed to the immense Spanish musical heritage, which main objective is to bring this music back to life, and to make it shine as it once did

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